Multi-room charter,Three hundred and fifty thousand golden migrants will get an annual return of 4%

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450000 apartments room rental, 350000 gold program within the housing rental options are available, guarantee 4% annual return on more than 450000 apartment, can also choose to host rent, but does not guarantee that returns the current apartment blocks most apartment has been sold out, only A room (T2), K room (T2), S room (T3) air villa for more information, welcome to contact us at any time

Arroios is not an independent parish, it is made up of Anjos,Pena and Sao Jorge DE Arroios, and the people here Convento around the two ends of the parish (Igreja DOS Santos Anjos(1551) and Convento DE Santana(1562)). Fertile land, abundant water, a large population and numerous monasteries, many of which were converted into hospitals when the power of religion waned

Leisure culture:
the royal theater (Cinema Imperio) and soto Mayor palace (Palacio Sotto Mayor) was built in the churches, palaces, square and community and so on many other buildings have been built, so, Arroios become a rich heritage places this is a historical and cultural background of the parish, with buildings, a variety of material such as religion and folk heritage and intangible heritage, is worth you to visit, understanding and respect

Some of them deserve special attention
- Miradouro Monte Agudo 
- Cinema Império 
- Bairro das Colónias 
- Escola Secundária de Camões 
- Palácio Sotto Mayor 
- Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa 
- Antiga Praça de Touros do Campo Santana 
- Largo do Intendente Pina Manique
- Capela do Paço da Bemposta 
- Convento de Arroios 
- Antiga Igreja dos Anjos
- Regueirão dos Anjos
Arroios features of language and cultural diversity, there are about 80 residents living in the nationality of the diocese has a variety of schools, including day care center, nursery school and first, second and third cycle to secondary school, school culture, accommodation, language where the parish neighborhood committee attaches great importance to the education of language and cultural diversity, strive to build a multicultural community, to ensure that freedom, tolerance and respect for differences in the field of public education, direct supervision Arroios parish school two groups and an independent school, namely Nuno Goncalves school groups, Luis DE There are also dozens of private schools in the region, from kindergartens, secondary schools to vocational schools, as well as universities such as the | military academy of the new university of Lisbon school of medicine

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