Three hundred and fifty thousand golden migrants will get an annual return of 4%

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450000 apartments room rental, 350000 gold program within the housing rental options are available, guarantee 4% annual return on more than 450000 apartment, can also choose to host rent, but does not guarantee that returns the current apartment blocks most apartment has been sold out, only GFB room (T1), the IB room (T2), 3 b and 3 c room (T3) for more information, welcome to contact us at any time

Location is introduced: before the parish founded, Campo DE Ourique means only rees for Lisbon a community it is located in the city centre, in Amoreiras, between Estrela and Prazeres this is a residential area, but has a long business history it is often referred to as the safest neighborhood to the city, is one of the best neighborhood living conditions due to the particularity of its conditions, formation of city midtown style of weekday and weekend picture isn't so different from here, because people always to calm the pace of life here
Cultural recreation: Among Campo DE Ourique's architectural heritages, st. Santo Condestavel is particularly striking, as is the area's iconic monument, Vasco Regaleira
Between 1980 and 1990, several bands were born in Campo DE Ourique among them are the nationally renowned musical bands Ena Pa2000,Pop Dell'Arte and Essa Entente. It is also the birthplace of the first independent Portuguese record company,Ama Romanta, which originated in 1986. Its headquarters were later set in Rua Coelho da Rocha and Campo DE Ourique visits were not just for historical sites Cannot miss more Portugal's most famous litterateur Fernando Pessoa and Amalia Rodrigues mansion, but walking around is also a must-see event to explore the outer walls of the building beautiful, then in the eastern of da Parada a bench to sit down and relax in your parish in the store are worth your visit, all kinds of food is can't miss if you are a sweet lovers, then you've come to the right place: Campo DE Ourique delicious cakes will definitely make your forefinger big move
Campo DE ourique has the rich education resources, especially in the aspect of preschool education, in particular, a total of 4 kindergarten for your choice. The diocese has four primary school (first phase), two junior high school (phase ii), three junior high school (the third stage, in addition, there are two high school. There is also a well-known university Joao DE Deus institute of higher education.

In addition to the public schools mentioned above, there are several private schools in our diocese, which cater for your pursuit of high quality education

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