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Housing details

The office at Avenida Helen Keller is generally in excellent condition with a saleable area of 230 square metres and a reception area, seven large offices, one equipment room and two washrooms
Most of the zoning is changeable and the renovation is very convenient. The office is well lit, the office is air-conditioned, and the private access to the office provides 5 garages for use (eur 100 each). The office is adjacent to the A5 motorway and Avenida Das Descobertas
Belem district (Belem) is a parish, to the city is located in the capital in the western region, covers an area of 10.43 square kilometers of Belem district (Belem) in 1495 when tang. Manuel I (d. Manuel I) after he began to reign, and sailing big discovery is closely related to its headquarters is located in Belem (the ancien regime called Santa Maria DE Belem) today, Belem district (Belem) have multiple greenbelt, museums, parks and gardens, the riverside scenery and fascinating it is one of the most popular with tourists in the region of Portugal

Culture and leisure:
- Santa maria belem Abbey or hot Ronnie was
- the national archaeological museum
- navy museum
- Capela da Sao Jeronimo chapel
- public art museum
- belem district governor
- Forte do Bom Sucesso governor's former residence
- Forte do Alto do Duque walls
- Palacio do Marques DE
- belem Angeja palace cultural center
- carriage museum
- museum of electricity
- belem national palace

-Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso
-Rua de Pedrouços(Vila Garcia)
-Casa Nobre de Lázaro Leitão Aranha 
- Belenta
- Monument to the Great Navigation

- Ermida de São Jerónimo
- Igreja de São Francisco Xavier
- Quinta de São José
- Quinta de Santo António de Caselas
- Monumento aos Combatentes do Ultramar
- Estátua do Santo Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira
- Bairros de Caselas, Belém e Pedrouços, caracterizados pela sua construção durante o Estado Novo, originalmente designados bairros económicos, que atualmente constituem zonas residenciais de baixa densidade populacional no interior da cidade.
- Jardim Vasco da Gama
- Jardim na Zona Ribeirinha
- Parque Infantil na R. Duarte Pacheco Pereira
- Parque Infantil na R. do Cais da Alfandega Velha 
how school for each stage of belem district it has 4 kindergarten, three elementary school, comprehensive middle school (EB23) 1, 2 high school and three school for the first cycle, the parish 1 EB23 schools and two middle schools in belem, and 1 Portugal's top universities, namely Lou saada university (Universida DE Lusiada) in addition to these public schools, there are 26 private school, meet your diversified education needs


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    break new ground

  • Reference

    JA031704 (V)

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  • Living area

    230 Square metre

  • Floor Space

    275 Square metre

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