The building in Calcadada Pampulha consists of six parts

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Housing details

The building in Calcadada Pampulha consists of 6 parts (the shop area is 35 square meters with the possibility of being converted into a house), the first floor T2 is 77 square meters, the second floor T2 is 83 square meters and the third floor T3 is 102 square meters. The building has a second entrance (located on the side of Travessa DOS Brunos road), this side has two parts, 2 parts, The first floor is 42 SQM and the second floor is 40 SQM project approved by THE DGPC for the construction of nine apartments of different types, including a duplex overlooking the river
According to the project, the following types of apartments will be built
-1 T0
-4  T0 +1
-3 T1
-1 T1复式
Location is introduced Estrela is located in the city of Portugal parish, belongs to the capital history center esther Leila parish has a unique culture, cuisine and culture characteristics, welcome to visit people, so as to realize the unique journey through a very rich heritage, reflects the heritage full of the identity of the parish esther ray (Estrela) or the city's parish, are in its territory, and this figure Palace (SaoBento Palace) where embassy has more The tiles that cover most of the building tell the story of a parish that remains traditional but contemporary
Parish in the aspect of school network, there are so many choices in different education level it almost does not provide public with kindergarten preschool education it has two the first cycle of school esther Leila (Estrela) there are also two first-class universities, namely Maria Ulrich (Maria Ulrich) early childhood education school and high school of economics and management in addition to these public agencies, and private consulting agencies to ensure people from different social classes to obtain good learning opportunity

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    the old modification

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    old building

  • Living area

    0 Square metre

  • Floor Space

    477 Square metre

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