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Bedroom penthouse T2 apartment, covers an area of 155.82 square meters, is Ouro Grand mansion project one of the apartment, located in worship summer zone (Baixa Pombalinna) city core zone, Ouro Grand famous European, grande (Ouro Grand) history began in the 18th century, is a pang, on behalf of the Marquis (the Marquis of Pombal), today, today represents a new chapter of glory, one of the landmark building for the repair and renovation, to become one of the most exclusive property of the product throughout the city


Santa Maria Maior is a parish, the city of Lisbon, is a historical and cultural district, covers an area of 1.49 square kilometers of Lisbon cathedral (Igreja DE Santa Maria Maior church) is located in the Santa Maria Maior is composed of fusion zone most ancien regime by a new parish in the parish of twelve area has a long history of the ancien regime and the Lisbon is closely related to the cathedral, the church by d. Afonso Henriques king built in 1150 (from the hand of the moors to retrieve the Lisbon after three years) after the reconquest city, at the beginning of the established S.V icente and Santa Maria do Martires, during the period of the Crusades, the crusaders established the martyrs cemetery, in this camp and therefore also known as a martyr here area accounted for only 2% of the parish of Lisbon territory, but it occupies 5% of the buildings, Lisbon, this means that the population density is more than twice the average level


This is a parish that blends history and culture with modern civilization, as if between the modernization of Baixa and the tradition of Alfama


The main monuments and the most popular tourist attractions are as follows

- Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta 
- Capela de Nossa Senhora da Saúde
- Casa dos Bicos ou Casa dos Diamantes
- Castelo de S. Jorge
- Chafariz d'El Rei
- Chafariz do Carmo
- Convento do Carmo
- Elevador de Santa Justa
- Ermida do Espírito Santo
- Estação do Rossio
- Estátua de D. João I 
- Hotel Avenida Palace
- Igreja da Madalena
- Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha
- Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação
- Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Loreto
- Igreja de Santiago
- Igreja de Santo António
- Igreja de Santo Estêvão
- Igreja de São Cristóvão e São Lourenço
- Igreja de São Domingos
- Igreja de São Miguel
- Igreja do Menino-Deus
- Monumento aos Restauradores
- Museu da Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva
- Museu de Lisboa - Teatro Romano
- Museu Militar
- Museu Nacional da Arte Contemporânea
- Palácio da Independência
- Palácio da Rosa
- Palácio do Marquês de Tancos
- Palácio Foz
- Pelourinho de Lisboa
- Praça de Dom Pedro IV
- Praça do Comércio
- Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa
- Teatro da Trindade
- Teatro Municipal de São Luiz
- Teatro Nacional de D. Maria II
- Teatro Nacional de São Carlos
- Santa Maria MaiorFado Nights is the largest Fado event in the parish and has become part of the city's agenda


Santa Maria Maior provides few public education resources. There are mainly two kindergartens and two primary schools. Almeida Garre Institute of Higher Education; As well as the School of Applied Psychology (ISPA) in addition to this education there are several private schools to meet your pursuit of high quality education


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    Santa Maria Maior

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    Compound T2

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    156 Square metre

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    156 Square metre

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