Hera 15The luxury residential project is located next to Baixa-Chiado, one of the most popular tourist districts in Baixia

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Hera 15Luxury residential project is adjacent to the most popular with tourists thanks to summer zone Baixa - chiado, advantageous geographical location, living or investment makes it the perfect project Hera 15 is composed of T1 and T3 double luxury apartments in the apartment, covers an area of 136 to 226 square meters, by Samuel Torres DE Carvalho (Samuel Torres DE Carvalho) pen design, he is a master Lisbon some landmark buildings, such as five-star hotel Memo the Principe alpha m the Real Santa Helena Residence all by his hand Hera 15 conducted a comprehensive renovation, but retain the original appearance of the building all apartments are equipped with outdoor space, comfortable south terrace, that means plenty of natural light thanks to summer zone (Baixa - Chiado) and Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina) region is rich in history and strong background, knowledge and art known as Lisbon food, culture and tourist attractions in most places, have many international brand shop, well-known restaurants, museums and art school The renovation is scheduled for completion in May 2021


Misericordia is one of the most central parishes in Lisbon. It is located in the historical and cultural center of the capital. The total area of Misericordia parish is 1.11 square kilometers. The parish of Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo takes its name from a welfare home in 1768 (Misericordia means welfare house in Portuguese). Art is a very important part of this old and modern parish, which is full of art and politics, blending old and new cultures


The aristocratic atmosphere is also a symbol of the parish. Palaces and mansions are located on both sides of the street. There are many museums, parks and observation decks nearby, attracting many visitors

- Museu da Farmácia
- Museu da Água – Reservatório da Patriarcal
- Museu das Comunicações 
- Museu de São Roque 
- Museu Geológico
- Jardim de São Pedro de Alcântara/Jardim António Nobre
- Jardim Fialho de Almeida / Praça das Flores
- Jardim Roque Gameiro
- Jardim Sá da Bandeira
- Jardim do Príncipe Real/Jardim França Borges
- Jardim do Alto de Santa Catarina
- Miradouro de Santa Catarina
- Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara
Tourist attractions:
- Ascensor da Bica
- Ascensor da Glória
- Bairro Alto
- Bica dos Olhos
- Capela do Convento dos Cardais
- Chafariz do Largo Agostinho da Silva ou do Monte Olivete
- Igreja, antigo Convento de Jesus e restos de cerca conventual
- Convento de S. Pedro de Alcântara
- Convento dos Paulistas
- Ermida dos Fiéis de Deus
- Igreja das Chagas
- Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação
- Igreja de São Paulo
- Igreja de São Roque
- Igreja de Santa Catarina
- Lago do Príncipe Real ou do Jardim França Borges
- Lago de São Pedro de Alcântara
- Estátua de Luís de Camões

Misericordia church each stage by many schools there are two major kindergarten, two primary schools (first phase), a junior high school (phase ii), a junior high school (phase iii), as well as a high school at the same time there is also much higher education schools, mainly include: marketing and advertising college institute of Lisbon Lisbon higher dance school higher administrative institute of higher school Lisbon enterprise communication higher music school Lisbon higher nursing school in addition to these public education institutions, such as here also has a lot of private education resources, Meet your pursuit of high quality education


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