Sines invests


1. Because it has the largest deep-water port on the Atlantic coast of the Elijah Peninsula
Tin furnish mouth by Mycenae and algarve sea service management, is a too thick natural environment alone multipurpose port mouth, it is able to accommodate any size of ship tin furnish the above at the open ports, natural depth of 28 meters, carrying all types of cargo ship can move, it is not blocked to direct sea port 365 days a year, operating 24 hours a day, to ship from the main port and travel to every continent provide efficient competitive regular service lines, it is the European continent deepwater port closest to the panama canal

 2.Because the local conditions are excellent industrial logistics park
Tin furnish industry logistics park investment and trade export of industrial park management by Portugal, people close to the Atlantic convenient location in the park with more than 2375 hectares of land for industrial logistics and services, the park has a number of domestic and foreign large-scale enterprise the park adjacent to the at sines, convenient transportation and perfect infrastructure; The park contains a business center with office meeting rooms and a large conference hall. According to the current urban planning, any type of industry can be built on the lot and lot of Sinish Industrial Logistics Park
3. Because ZALSINES -- the logistics service area next to The Port of Sinish
The logistics service area of Sinish Port is large, well equipped and usable. It can be used for industrial logistics and service industries to build facilities and provide excellent support services and infrastructure

4. ZIL2 is located in a municipal light industrial park on the edge of The city of Sinish
ZIL2——The municipal Light Industrial Park is managed by the Municipal government of Sinish and is equipped with industrial facilities. The more relevant integrated commercial and service industry facilities of the warehouse city itself have a total area of 147 hectares and can directly provide 50 to 24,000 square meters of land with facilities such as water, electricity, sewage and communication systems
5.Because there is a municipal land bonus for non-industrial investment
In addition to the ZIL2 Municipal Light Industrial Park, the Municipal Government of Sinish has other land within the district for investment in other industries (commercial tourism, residential industry, etc.)
6.Because of the cooperation between the local authorities
Tin furnish region industry and logistics park has three management unit: Portugal, investment and trade the exit bureau subordinate industrial park furnish and algarve sea port authority and tin NiShen government they coordinate each other, to help investors in its belong to find the most suitable for its business activities within the area of jurisdiction category most conforms to the desired goal of ideal location according to the cooperation agreement signed by 25 years, the three parties commitment to promote DE patinagem DE tin furnish economic zone of the hair
7.Because the Portuguese government is making a big effort to improve local transport links
Portugal all political parties acknowledge tin nis is one of the important assets at present, the Portuguese government is under construction in southern international channel is set for completion in 2022, the project will be closed through Europe western channel transportation network, tin and will furnish the train to the Spanish border range reduced to 140 kilometers, the travel time to three and a half hours, transportation cost down %, docking in Madeira and other European markets, the competitiveness of the tin furnish got great provided in terms of highway transportation, as the whole situation of Portuguese (in 137 national highway no. 8 a global The Sinish region has good roads that facilitate the movement of people and goods
8.It is Portugal's largest energy hub and has great potential for alternative energy
Tin furnish a high reputation in terms of energy production in addition to the Portuguese electricity company (EDP) of thermal power plant, it still has the country's largest refinery (namely Galp) wind power plant cogeneration plant biofuel refineries and other energy production institutions provide a for their own raw material of ports, such as fuel gas and coal for energy production hub history makes tin nis not only in the field with outstanding professional knowledge, but also for the power connection network and fuel transport network provides an excellent infrastructure These connections give Sinis a competitive advantage in attracting alternative energy producers to build facilities, from biofuels to wind and solar power, with excellent natural conditions (wind conditions and daylight hours)

9.Because of the quality of local industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals and metal machinery
To build adequate infrastructure of the space of the enterprise in any industry can find the right space at the same time to ensure the protection of the environment and giving back to the community of tin nis in chemical and petrochemical industry are extremely approval except for the nation's largest oil refinery (Ga) p, area there are two oil chemical plant, namely Repsol Polimeros and lndorama, they are quite big in addition to Air Liquide Euroresinas and Recipneu factory Another competitive industry in the park is metal machinery industry, whose productivity is very high and has been competing with foreign countries for a lot of time, accumulated rich experience in the construction and maintenance of the local industrial park
10.Local training and innovative spirit for their professional knowledge
In the 1970 s, the construction of port and industrial park is not only the tin furnish became a centre of economic activity, but also make it became a centre of knowledge with the visible at the local unit. The excellent quality of the operation personnel in training, there are multiple unit continuously innovation and different level and skills training of talents, Alan tejo technical schools in coastal areas, for example, CENFIM (metal machinery and metallurgy professional training center) and ISQ tin furnish institute of welding and quality
11. Because of the impact of seaports and industrial services and tourism
Ports and industrial energy for multiple services in the field of industry is an opportunity, such as labor supply rental real estate consulting construction automobile and machinery and transport logistics warehouse, and other specialized services related to the port and industrial tin nis in industrial parks and terminal operation related accommodation and catering industry is also very active business travel industry have all year accommodation requirements, particularly in larger industrial units for big projects or during shutdown
12. Because of the local beauty of the coast and the Atlantic coast of Alain Tejou marks the port of Covu
Tin furnish 30 km coastline, very beautiful, especially in the southern end, very suitable for the development of tourism of with sunshine and the beach is calling for families, wu Hong Kong church located in the southwest of Alan tejo natural park, with several Portuguese coast one of the best beaches and the most beautiful scenery in the wu hong village is the village of the most attractive Alan tejo coast, is Vincent's the starting point of the hiking route, this path is a walking route for southwest coast of Portugal, overlooking the Atlantic and peach island
13.  Because Vasco Da Gama and the city where he was born
Tin furnish only south bay, is located in the region is a Marine city with a long history since ancient times, fishing is a major livelihood of the local population, but its ports activities and processing industry (preserved salted fish) can be traced back to Roman times since 1362, the tin nis has enjoyed the administrative autonomy, and around 1469, it has experienced a critical moment in history: its discovery to India channel of Portuguese sailing heroes vasco. Vasco locally born in filling the whole city memories related to their life and trace: the castle is the mother of the family, the basilica is his life reconstruction Today, It is clear that Sinish is an open city whose inhabitants are equally literate, and who live in harmony with the expatriate community (about 10% of the population), mainly from countries with historical ties to Portugal (Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries)
14.  Because of the huge potential of developing sea sports there
Peachtree Island and the coast of almost the entire region provide excellent conditions for Marine sports. There are several tour companies in Sinis that organize such activities (surf school, dive boat, sightseeing, underwater fishing, etc.) and have organized many activities; One of the highlights of the 2017 Sinish Pole Boat Race is that Sinish has the only leisure port between Troas and Algarve, with 230 boat slots managed by Sinish and the Algarve Port Authority (www.portodesines.pt).
15. Because the local fishing industry is a traditional industry looking to the future
Fishery is the center of the tradition of the local economic activity activity is Alan tejo most people fishing port, catches gross and the fifth in the nation, in addition to tin furnish auction sales, refrigeration industry is also quite important, tin furnish light industrial park has several factory to a new generation of producers are struggling to restore canned fish in aquaculture, tin nis also has the very potential local culinary tradition is given priority to with seafood, excellent taste
16.Because of above-average living standards and incentives for trade
Tin furnish trade reflects the condition of the whole area residents' average income level and buying power is in fact a theory of purchasing power indicator, or salaried workers' average monthly basic salary index, in 308 the town hall in the country, tin nis has remained in the top five pointed out that the tin NiShen government hosted numerous activities, in order to promote trade activities, the fight against seasonal fluctuations
17. Because of local tax conditions and municipal incentives
In addition to the countries within the framework of eu funds provided by funding and other national tax and encouragement measures, tin NiShen under the government and other measures of the 0.355% (2019) in the city building a personal property taxes, the highest limit (45%) is lower than the law allows ZIL2 city light industry park of special urban real estate tax system, building commercial industry and services, use of floor space can reduce the taxes of 10% for this city last year turnover of less than 150000 euros per year on business tax breaks (2019) restoration in the designated by the government as the city the rehabilitation area (the old town Concessions are available for buildings in the Bairro1 DE Maio/Bairro Soeiro Pereira Gomes and Forest districts

18. Because of the local education and medical services facilities and excellent level of security
Tin furnish public schools has a high quality network, the network reconstruction in the past decade, in tin NiShen and wu Hong Kong set up three new school (kindergarten and primary school), the local has a variety of health service choice, including private and public health care options in 2017 opened a new health center; In addition, there is a regional hospital 13 km from the centre of Sinish which has very good security, social harmony and a very low crime index
19. Because of the excellent public facilities that have been in place since the beginning of this century
Tin nis has established a number of excellent public facilities, use including culture and sports and economic activity, in the following three of the most prominent, tin furnish multi-function (2013) conditional undertaking international sports concert fair exhibition and conference of the central area of 2351.10 square meters with 2086 seats, the audience tin furnish art center (2005) is the awards for contemporary architecture of the European Union for 2007 locations, has different function space, including the lecture hall (175 seats) library and archives of the exhibition center · carlos. Manafaya municipal swimming pool (2005) 25x17 m pool,8 lanes,2 m deep, additional learning pool for different swimming lessons
20. It offers a wealth of cultural, sports and leisure activities
The Sinish city government promotes a close variety of cultural and sports activities for the family all year round. It once hosted the Sinish World Music Festival, one of the most important music festivals in Europe. There's also a local gym and exercise club offering exercise areas for all kinds of sports; There are also bike paths, sea Tours and a network of hiking trails that allow you to cycle or hike all over the region just a few kilometers from downtown Sinish, one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Europe, with water quality and bathing infrastructure awarded the blue flag