Portugal International Schools


IB courses International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB course), known as International Baccalaureate Course, is a global unified course, which is concentrated in the second two years of secondary school. Through solid education, it trains elite talents recognized and admitted by universities around the world. IB course is International Baccalaureate Organization IBO(International Baccalaureate Organization) is a global student courses in high school, the international baccalaureate IBO was formally established in 1967, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, curriculum and test centre in Cardiff, original intention is to serve the international school, convenient flow between the international family of their children to school because of IBO advanced teaching principle and teaching thought, attracted a large number of dedicated to international education experts and scholars from all over the world, formed the IBO strong academic institutions IBO curriculum and examination committee
Philosophy of Education is Education for Life (lifelong Education), through the comprehensive balance of the discipline and challenging assessment, designed to help schools to develop young talent, teach them knowledge learned in the classroom with the outside world IB courses combining national recognition of the university of almost all accept the IB diploma, including Oxford and Cambridge world first-class university such as the United States Canada includes the ivy league schools such as harvard, Yale and Princeton, the IB diploma are seen as good entrance qualifications by Australia With high recognition, some institutions even give priority to the admission of Students before graduation, The Portuguese IB program has an international reputation
Here are two of the most prestigious schools in Portugal
St. Dominic International School (400 students, large family)
Saint Julien International School (about 1000 students in Portuguese and English)
1.English is the language of instruction
2. Education ranging in age from 3 years old - 18 years old
3. 6 years old began to learn Portuguese, Portuguese as the second foreign language
4. Each grade two to three parallel class, each class
5. 15 to 18 people students by age for regional management, has an independent activity playground, avoid with big deceit small phenomenon, every playground have full-time care teacher, ensure the safety of every child
6. The school has paid extracurricular interest classes, with art piano singing football and other interest classes
7. There are additional summer camps, which are divided into two weeks, three weeks and four weeks
8.The school provides school bus service to the home, the cost is 2400 euros per person per year
9. The lunch of students is 5.5 euros per person per day
10. One set of school uniform is 200 euros, which can be purchased at designated shops