Famous Universities in Portugal


一.Universidade de Lisboa
 School time: founded in 1290, the first in the Portuguese universities, is the largest Portuguese: a comprehensive public university school characteristics construction and business cooperation with many universities to build the cutting-edge scientific research cooperation projects, and cooperating with the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology to the research in the field of global business center once out of the several Portuguese prime minister and leader of his party
二.University of Coimbra
School time: almost the same period and the university of Lisbon school characteristics: strong faculty in Portugal, leading universities have set up 13 law research center, closely communication with members of the European Union university, expand exchanges in running law school often hold international academic conference. Harry potter cloak element clothing inspiration is come from families YingBu pull at the university of school uniforms

三.University of Porto
School time: on March 22, was built in 1911, is to the Lisbon and YingBu saying one of the three universities of school characteristics: university of Porto, with many colleges and universities in Europe and the United States have the inter-school cooperation, physics engineering and medical is a professional discipline on which the school is famous for its Settings: covers the physical medicine has more than 10 departments and 18 research center

四.Universidade do Minho
Date of establishment: founded in 1973, comprehensive features of the university: the biggest feature of the university is that it attaches great importance to Sinology. Since the establishment of open courses on Chinese language and culture in 1991, it has been continuously strengthening and improving the professional level of Chinese, and has the only master's degree related to Chinese in Portugal
五.Technical University of Braganza
The university features: the famous Polytechnic University in Portugal, which is famous for scientific research, offers comprehensive elective courses for technical majors and master courses. Geographical environment: Located in the northeast of Portugal, it is an ancient city with a stable social environment and low cost of living, which makes it a very suitable college for studying abroad
六.Aveiro University
School time: founded in 1973, is a public university school characteristics: Portuguese school most all the innovative spirit of a university, one of the main research fields of science, mechanical engineering, information technology, economics, management, etc., is a development is rapid, full of youthful spirit of science and engineering university location: located in western Portugal is close to the shore of the Atlantic, wirral, beautiful amorous feelings of the sea, with bold and unrestrained of different region amorous feelings
七:University of Evora
Its time: the building of the university of evora dates back to 1559, by the succession of the location of the Portuguese king red leader Mr Mr Founded the school characteristic: after division YingBu pull at the university of the second university, was Jesus church schools, religious characteristics significantly, up to now there are still many of the monastery's chapel on campus
八.Universidade Nova de Lisboa 
Founded in 1973, the University of New Lisbon currently has over 19,000 students, 1491 teachers and 804 employees
九:Bela Internal University
Founding Date: in the 1970s, when Coverian Institute of Technology was born in 1973, it was the first step on the road to bela's internal university. Five schools were formed: The Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts and Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Humanities and Society, and the Faculty of Health, offering more than 100 undergraduate master's and doctoral programs
十.Catholic University of Lisbon
The school features: Dedicated to the highest educational quality and the professional study that provides students with social needs, it has cultivated numerous politicians and officials, and has been called the cradle of statesmen. President Cavaco Silva of Portugal once taught at the school
十一.University of Algarve
Founded in 1976, the University of Algarve is a young public university with nearly 9,000 students and more than 700 academics in four campuses. The University of Algarve offers undergraduate, master and doctoral programs
十二.Leria Institute of Technology
Leria Polytechnic is one of the best technical universities in Portugal, with 11,000 students and 900 teachers, offering 48 undergraduate programs and 49 master programs